Best of the Best 2016

Skirmish Sherwood Forest - 9th October 2016

Skirmish Paintball Competition Skirmish Paintball Competition

5 man event

3 styles of game

woodland - hyperball - supair

150 per team

includes entry and lunch

Only 5 players on the field for any given game, but teams may bring additional players, included in the team price

byo or site paint from 25 per box

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Best of the best 2016 Paintball Tournament

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Compete in our 5 man paintball tournament at Skirmish Sherwood Forest on the 9th October 2016 where you are able to use the sites paint from 25 per box, or bring your own.

There will be 9 games, with 3 woodland, 3 hyperball and 3 supair arenas.

50 deposit secures your space, book online, or call now on 0115 945 24 27.

Will you be crowned the Best of the Best and take the title from last years champions; Volatile?

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You can enter your teams here. A team must consist of 5 players. Please select how many TEAMS you would like to enter.

Entry is 150 per team